We are building an ecovillage

Zeměsouznění in Pěčkovice

A video of our plot of land and the surrounding area

Our Values

Love and humility, harmony with nature, togetherness, common creation, health, freedom, respect, responsibility, simplicity, beauty.

Our Vision

We are building a community which re-creates a harmonious approach to life and supports...

Frequently Asked Questions

Questions: Where is it?                                                Answer: In the direction of Karlovy Vary, the former village of Pěčkovice...

What's an ecovillage?

Ecovillage is a community of people living together in harmony with nature...                                                                                                                   

Our Path

Foundation< Concept < Recruitment of new members < Acquisition of land < Construction < Moving in < Farming < Entrepreneurship 

Zeměsouznění Association 

In November 2017, after a weekend get together called "Ecovillage in Action", we started the preparations for establishing an association Zeměsouznění... 

World news

Nowadays, we are increasingly seeing an organically growing world movement outside the main media spotlight, which is shaping up as a reaction...  


This year we are going to build into the barn as a background for members and visitors who want to lend a hand. 


From the beginning of April 2021 we will have two excavators on the property and we will create terraces for beds and repair the driveway. 


Upcoming events

Working weekend on our plot of land

Where: Pěčkovice at Karlovy vary
When: 30.4.-2.5. 2021  

Working weekend on our plot of land

Where: Pěčkovice at Karlovy vary
When: 7.-9.5. 2021 

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