We are building an ecovillage

Zeměsouznění in Pěčkovice

Our Vision

Straightening the nature of relationships among people and in the wider community of all living beings, restoring respect for nature and planet Earth. 

1. Build a community Zeměsouznění: A growing community that practices a holistic approach to life and discovers pathways to a sustainable way of life based on mutual symbiosis with nature.
2. Build an ecovillage Zeměsouznění: A place for a community of 100-150 people, which provides a common community space, living from natural materials, local food and energy self-sufficiency and conscious education of children. It supports local biodiversity and restores watercourses and the landscape. It provides an experimental demonstration background for other interested parties, groups and initiatives.
3. Practice a holistic approach to business: An interconnected regional production and consumption system for healthy products and services, which forms the economic basis of the Zeměsouznění community. 

Overview of the ecovillage area and the surrounding

Upcoming events

Water for Ecovillage

Where: Pěčkovice at Karlovy vary
When: 14.-16.4. 2023 

Water for Ecovillage and Garden Shed

Where: Pěčkovice at Karlovy vary

When: 5.-7.5. 2023 

Garden Shed

Where: Pěčkovice at Karlovy vary
When: 26.-28.5. 2023

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