Zeměsouznění Association


In November 2017, after weekend meeting called "Ekovesnice v Akci" (Ecovillage in Action), the time for the establishment of Zeměsouznění Association came, so that we could better organize our activities and gradually expand the membership base of supporters and tribal members - active people interested in life in the future ecovillage.

At the winter solstice on December 21, 2017, Zeměsouznění Association - the first of the legal forms of the future ecovillage - was officially founded by the inaugural meeting. Other legal forms (for the ownership of the property of the ecovillage and the possibility of community business) will be created gradually on the basis of agreements between the Tribal Members of Zeměsouznění association.


  • Conscious sharing of informations about transformation on planet Earth

  • Awareness-raising activities of our ecovillage and sustainable way of life

  • Gathering of active people interested in establishing an ecovillage in the Czech Republic

  • Implementation and dissemination of practical examples of sustainable living in the ecovillage


The Association's highest body is the Big Circle which consists of all Tribal Members. The Big Circle elects the Circle Council from among its Tribal Members. The Circle Council acts as the Association's statutory body. The basis for decision-making and execution of decisions is a participatory approach with the principles of sociocracy.

Zeměsouznění Association is the main admission gateway for new members of the ecovillage.