Our Values

1. Love and Humility

We expand our self-awareness in Oneness and unconditional Love. We consciously expand and wisely use human potential.

2. Harmony with Nature

We are part of nature, we respect nature as a living being, we listen to nature and learn from it.

3. Togetherness

We consciously strengthen mutual relationships, community and an ability to solve common challenges. We support and inspire each other through living together in harmony. We are open and honest.

4. Creating Together

Based on mutual support, the sharing of knowledge and experience, substitutability as well as uniqueness, playfulness and creativity.

5. Health

We take care of physical and mental health through an active life, healthy diet, healthy relationships and by creating a healthy environment for living. We strive to develop self-healing abilities and natural healing.

6. Freedom

We voluntarily create and live on the basis of free choice, individual and joint decision-making. We leave room for self-expression, self-realization and development at everyone's own pace.

7. Respect

We live in mutual respect and respect for ourselves, the community and all beings. We respect common agreements.

8. Responsibility

We accept responsibility for living our lives and fulfilling our human needs. We act responsibly towards ourselves, our community, society and nature.

9. Simplicity

Whenever something gets complicated, it loses its power.

10. Beauty

We realize the importance of beauty and therefore we bring it into our lives.