Suitable land in the former village of Pěčkovice


Last weekend we went to see and temporarily settle on a suitable plot of land in Pěčkovice. More in the photo gallery here. Details of the property here. We have agreed with the owner on a preliminary reservation of the property/land, telling him that we will let him know whether we want to buy it or not by the end of June.

To be able to reach this joint decision, we agreed on the following during the weekend:

Until 18.6. each of us in the association should comment and decide whether we will jointly buy this land.

Key questions for each member:

  • Is the land in the former village of Pěčkovice a place for an ecovillage in which I want to live (I want to buy it)?
  • How much will I contribute to the joint purchase of this land within 2 months (how much will I contribute now)?
  • What is my idea about ​​moving into this land (when and under what conditions)?
  • Is there anything else I need to know to make a decision? (insert detail of the plot here or write to Pája)

Please email your answers by 18.6. to Pája at: