Our Ecovillage

We are establishing a full-fledged community ecovillage, the first of its kind in the Czech Republic, the concept of which was created in cooperation with the World Network of Ecovillages. We are now gradually developing the concept and putting it into practice.

There are already about 15,000 ecovillages around the world and more are constantly being established. Villages based on a permaculture and sustainable approach and whose foundations are buildings made of natural materials. A village where equivalence, participatory decision-making and the financial involvement of all are important. Community business uses its own local currency and the community spirit is maintained through rituals and celebrations. Harmonious development of the personality is supported by conscious education of children and adults. A village where people strive to minimize waste, listen to nature, its rhythms, needs and its natural order. All this and much more is behind the concept of ecovillage.

The key for us is to create a community of 100-150 people who are willing to work together to provide for basic human needs and who live and work in a consciously sustainable way and can thus become an inspiration for other groups and initiatives, in the Czech Republic and around the world.

Permanent housing will be provided for tribal members and their children, who made a financial contribution to the ecovillage and who also have the right to vote and make decisions about the set up and strategic direction of the ecovillage. Temporary housing will be possible for aspiring members and member supporters, as well as visitors and volunteers. We plan to have the land divided into several residential zones and parking lots for caravans as well as a "tent town" as temporary housing. Visitors and residents will be asked upon arrival to respect private and common areas and the basic rules of the ecovillage.

We are currently focusing on building awareness and creating relationships between individual members based on trust and respect. We prepared agreements and an economic model for the ecovillage and established a land cooperative to acquire a common plot of land in Pěčkovice.