About Us

Short Bios

Everyone has their own story. You can find out how each member joined the association, how he has been contributing and where his interests are. 

Principles of our Ecovillage

Locally self sufficient and sustainable lifestyle conscious to the environment. Respect and great trust in people.

Our Ecovillage

We are founding a community ecovillage, first of its kind in the Czech Republic. Its concept was prepared in cooperation with the Global...    

Our Currency

Every "Aspiring Member" or "Supporter" can log hours of their voluntary work done for the ecovillage... 

Four Dimensions of our Ecovillage

The concept of our ecovillage has four dimensions: the perception of the world, social dimension, ecological dimension and economic dimension.                                           

The Articles of Association

The association is registered as a not-for-profit organisation Zeměsouznění and is governed by its Articles of Association.