Principles of our Ecovillage

1. The Legal Framework of the Ecovillage

  • Zeměsouznění Association is the main gateway for new members

  • Zeměsouznění Social Cooperative owns the land and all the buildings of the ecovillage (except for mobile houses)

  • Zeměsouznění Business Cooperative serves as a legal platform for join entrepreneurship

  • Agreements of the ecovillage are binding for all members and visitors of the ecovillage

2. The Principle of Local Self-Sufficiency

  • A joint creative work of the members is a foundation for the ecovillage's local self-sufficiency and its main purpose is to provide for the members' basic needs, mainly the food, housing, energy, income and education

  • Zeměsouznění Business Cooperative creates new job opportunities

3. The Principle of Tribal Membership

  • The ecovillage's tribal member is a member of Zeměsouznění Association, Zeměsouznění Social Cooperative as well as Zeměsouznění Business Cooperative

  • A Tribal Member has a voting right in all legal entities of the ecovillage and has the right to be elected

4. The Decision Making Principle

  • The ecovillage's Big Circle consisting of Tribal Members decides about key agreements of the ecovillage

  • The Big Circle passes as many competences and responsibilities onto the ecovillage's Work and Social Circles

  • The ecovillage's Circle Council is responsible for fulfilling legal duties and manages the ecovillage with due care

  • The decision-making and management of the ecovillage is based on sociocratic principles

5. The Principle of Economic Sustainability

  • Members contribute to the operational costs of the ecovillage (e.g. the maintenance of common premises, the wifi network, shopping for food from local resources etc.)

  • Zeměsouznění Business Cooperative secures income for the ecovillage's members. Members have a right to be paid for their work and to get a profit share. The rest of the profit is reinvested in the ecovillage's business while a certain share of the profit can be granted to Zeměsouznění Social Cooperative.

  • The ecovillage's economy is supported by a local currency and by shared resources.

6. The Principle of Solidarity

  • Support of Tribal Members with children (children under the age of 18 do not pay or have discounts)

  • Food for children of Tribal Members under the age of 18 is with considerable discounts

  • Support for Tribal Members with disabilities or long term illness

7. The Principle of Property Ownership

  • The land, infrastructure, join buildings as well as flat premises (except for mobile houses) are always in the ownership of the ecovillage (Zeměsouznění Social Cooperative)

  • One's share in the ecovillage's ownership can't be passed down as part of inheritance or can't be transferred to another person. In the case of inheritance proceedings a financial share is paid out first and then this amount is settled in the inheritance

  • Tribal Members rent the ecovillage's premises for its use based on a written contract

8. The Principle of Equilibrium

  • Equal basic membership fee and voting rights for all Tribal Members of the ecovillage

  • When leaving the ecovillage it is possible to obtain a financial amount equal to the total membership fees/capital paid (basic and subsequent membership fees/capital paid)

  • The management of the ecovillage is shared among Tribal Members who are permanent residents of the ecovillage

  • The ecovillage's operations are shared among all long term citizens of the ecovillage