We are buying a plot of land in Pěčkovice


We came to a decision in our association to buy the land. However, we needed to do a few more things before the purchase, and we only had a couple of weeks to do them. The most important one was to set up a 'cCooperative'. We found out that there is only one lawyer in the Czech Republic who deals with this area of law. He suggested that we set up a so-called "Social Cooperative" for our project. After up and running, we were able to deposit the money in the common account. This money is now in the depository and we are waiting for the Land Registry to finalize the transfer of the land to our Social Cooperative.

In the summer we spent a whole week together to get to know the place better. We created a small facility base with kitchen and workshop in the old barn and we also built a beautiful outhouse beside the barn.  

During the working weekend, which took place on September 18 - 20, our men uncovered the cellar and also supported the beams of both barns. The Construction circle is planning more such weekends.

So far, the property is not fit for a convenient lifestyle, but we already have the first 'pioneer' who is staying in her caravan.