Financial support


We are very grateful for any financial support we receive for the establishment and development of the first community ecovillage in the Czech Republic and for the awareness raising of a sustainable way of life.

Donor account: 2501380493/2010 (transparent account)

Variable symbol: ID of your business or your personal ID number (you can put 000 as the last 3 digits of your personal ID number for personal data protection)

Note: Donation

(IBAN: CZ1720100000002501380493 SWIFT/BIC: FIOBCZPPXXX)

This account is intended for donations for the development of Zeměsouznění Association and the organization of educational events. In the case of high value gifts a donation contract will be drawn up.

Land Financing and Ecovillage Development

We gained a beautiful place for the project not only thanks to the work and contributions of the current members of the association, but also thanks to the support of the people who lent us part of the funds.

Funds for the acquisition of land and common facilities will be fully covered by membership fees in the future. But first we need to build a lasting background for new residents and members. At present, the kitchen and social facilities in Pěčkovice are suitable for summer operation.

We would be glad if you could support the construction of the ecovillage with a loan. Currently, we need to invest in the construction of a paved driveway, connection to the electricity grid or an island power plant and an insulated installation in one of the barns. This would allow a year-round stay and work on the land.

If you are interested in financial support or have questions about loans, you can contact Leo Crlík,, tel. 732 426 226.

The owner of the land and buildings of the ecovillage in Pěčkovice is Zeměsouznění Social Cooperative. The following account is intended for contributions relating to land and buildings:

Donor account: 2001848539/2010 (transparent account)

Variable symbol: ID of your business or your personal ID number (last 3 digits for ID number can be 000 for personal data protection)

Note: Donation

(IBAN: CZ1720100000002001848539 SWIFT / BIC: FIOBCZPPXXX)

If you want to learn more about how we work, you can come and see us at the Big Circle meeting or other events. Alternatively, you can write to us at