We are building an Ecovillage


Last year we came across a beautiful place. With deposits from regular members, loans from members on waiting list and supporters we have put together an amount of 5 million Czech crowns. But getting the land is just the beginning and the project is moving from the preparatory phase to the construction phase.

A group of 'pioneers' is forming already, preparing their own mobile homes and planning to stay directly on the plot as much as possible so they begin creating. Your involvement doesn't have to be only/strictly financial.. With the arrival of spring, we will resume the works and organize meetings at Pěčkovice once again.

As part of a "Big Summer Meeting" on the property, temporary facilities were created - a kitchen in one of the barns, an outdoor shower and an outhouse/latrine. In the autumn, we stabilized the construction of the barns by replacing some missing supporting beams and covered the holes in the roof.

We are looking for funds to build a year-round facility

The goal for this year is to create a place for the first settlers and to improve the current summer facilities for a year-round operation. Funding the base will be a matter mainly for future members, but in order to have a place to come to, we need to:

  1. Build an insulated base in one of the barns.
  2. Build a 1km long paved driveway leading to the main road.
  3. Build an electrical connection to the main grid or an island power plant.

At the same time, a group of 'pioneers' is being formed, who are already working on their own mobile homes and plan to stay and create as much as possible directly on the property this year.

We therefore welcome contributions, whether in the form of a gift or a loan agreement, to cover the next phase of the project. However, there are more ways how to become involved apart from the financial support. With the arrival of spring, we will resume the works and weekend meetings at Pěčkovice once again.

When and what will happen, we will share in time on our website www.zemesouzneni.cz or on Facebook. Thank you and we look forward to seeing you! Zeměsouznení Association