Leo Crlík, Tribal Member

I am a founder of the initiative and stay at the birth of the ecovillage plan. I love the spontaneity of life, the process of discovering the essence of Consciousness and meaningfulness of us and the world around us. I like crafts, meditation and creating innovative solutions. When contributing to the ecovillage I focus on promotion mainly by holding presentations and by networking, I also design agreement proposals, proposals about legal entities, the ecovillage currency and its economy. I'm also helping to choose a plot of land for the ecovillage and I guide through community skills. I simply love the process of discovering and creating... 

Petr Štolcpart, Tribal Member

I like discovering the purpose, substance and functioning of things, relationships and the environment around us. I set off on a journey back forward towards simplicity, to what is really essential and important, to harmony and nature. I like creating images of the world through photography and words. I also utilise my technical knowledge to support the ecovillage initiative.

Jan Aksamít, Tribal Member

I like women, wine and music. I have built a few wooden buildings which are still around and I would like to improve further and build a few more. I like gardening and while wandering around nature I take pleasure in bathing in mountain springs. In the ecovillage I am actively engaged in the economic circle and passively in construction and educational circles.

Lenka MIlenovská, Tribal Member

I like a natural way of life, simplicity and freedom. I always wanted to live in a supportive community village as people used to live before. My interests have been for many years transpersonal psychology, researching consciousness, systemic constellations. I like dancing and conscious exercise. In the ecovillage I take care of the membership agenda and its administration.

Eva Mikulka, Aspiring Member

I love nature and I long for living in a harmonious environment. I like laughing :) I am also interested in minimalism. However I make some exceptions as I love dancing to Irish music and as such I have got some 30 skirts in my wardrobe. I like intuitive parenting and thanks to my little daughter I am currently going through intensive training. I believe that in our ecovillage we will jointly create a beautiful place to live.

Andrej Mikulka, Tribal Member

I like the simplicity of life. I love nature, the smell of wood, soil, hay, the taste of fresh water... I am grateful for everything I receive and I would like to take just what I really need. I like being creative, working in the garden, mowing with a scythe at a sunrise. In the ecovillage initiative I am active in looking for the right plot of land and I am looking forward to making our beautiful intention happen.

Jana Lédlová, Tribal Member

In the ecovillage initiative I focus mainly on promotion. I like organising events and I oversee all events we decide to hold. I also take care of the catering as I like cooking. Finally I inform members and our supporters about news about the ecovillage and I manage our website. I would like to live in a community which respects me the way I am and which trusts me.

Kamil Cifera, Tribal Member

I love working with wood and water. I am helping to build a website for the ecovillage. I don't want to sit around. I'd like to make the dream come true. I like controlling machines, driving cars, diggers, scooters... I talk to plants, beetles, dogs and all creatures... people included. 

Eva Štolcpartová, Aspiring Member

My dream is to live a simple life in a small house with a garden in the middle of nature, community life, creating together with others, bringing up children. I like handwork mainly crocheting and knitting. I feel good where there is good food, songs and company of kind and inspiring people... and I found all this at Zeměsouznění. 

Jiří VosýnekAspiring Member

I like to put energy where it leaves behind a useful outcome. I like crafts and I also like when I can contribute to the happiness of other people. I look forward to having a piece of land so that we can start building.

Dan MikušíkAspiring Member

After the turn of the millennium I embarked on "a journey out of town" towards a more sustainable way of life. I focus on versatility :-) especially in the areas of permaculture, crafts and self sufficiency. I work on myself and try to consciously utilise my own potential. I like trying different dietary and exercise models for better vitality and health. I help to define a vision for the ecovillage.

Ján Gazda, Tribal Member

I'm waiting for the right place, a plot of land and my opportunity. I work with wood mainly as a self taught carpenter and wood carver but I try from time to time to give a new form and design also to other materials. I like working with soil in the garden and in the forest and I like being around animals.

Pavel HolubecAspiring Member

I like discovering and paving new ways, be it in the countryside or in relationships with other people. Since 2013 I've been living in a community - cohousing in Prague in Zizkov and now I can hardly imagine a life without being surrounded by close people. In Zeměsouznění I'm currently using my education in urbanism and regional planning as well as my experience from a community life. I'm drawn to the ecovillage by my intuition that I'll find a more meaningful life there but also by my conviction that a modern civilisation can't live at the expense of the living Earth any longer.

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someone else?