Visit to the site of the former village in Pěčkovice


The visit to the property was a success. We went in large number of 15 people. A discussion took place after the tour where we compared the basic information which were that: the land is 23.6 hectares, the price is 4.7 million - it is a former village (displaced after 1945, had 150 inhabitants) - commuting distance: 1 hour 20 minutes from Zličín (it will improve with the completed highway).


  • it is possible to immediately start constructing (on almost 8000 m2)
  • affordable price
  • all members at present express that THIS could be THE land, that HERE they feel really good
  • electricity
  • the land is outside of the village - but there is an advantage of being able to connect to it easily
  • tentative possibility of renting for 1 year
  • fresh water spring directly on the land, waterlogged land, running stream


  • the plots are only partially consolidated