Visit to the land in Libějovice


The visit took place on 14.04. It is a chateau from the 18th century with the associated lands of the chateau garden and a piece of reservation.

The price is 16.5 million, 43 ha. 


  • large plot in total
  • huge trees and great diversity of nature (about 50 species of trees and shrubs)
  • the boundaries of the land touch two ponds                                                    


  • Only wells on the land
  • where to get a fund to repair the chateau and other buildings?
  • There are warehouses inside the land, the state is the owner, it is possible to buy
  • sustainable operation of the chateau? Subsidy?
  • a mature park that intersects a public dirt road
  • probably the need to buy the surrounding meadows, the possibility has not been tested