Visit to land quarry near Rokycany


From advertising: 

The land has an area of ​​approx. 15.2 ha, of which the water area is 6.5 ha. This is a lake created by flooding a surface quarry 27 years ago, when a total reclamation took place here. The water surface with a depth of up to 27 m is very clean with own springs. The uniqueness of the locality is revealed by very interesting paleontological findings. Currently, the land is used for sport fishing, has its own driveway from the main road, parking and facilities for fishermen, including electricity. The land has a new zoning plan, which allows the construction of up to four-storey buildings on site, envisages construction for recreational purposes, building accommodation capacity. This plot is distance from Prague approx. 70 km, located 10 km from the highway between Prague and Pilsen. 

After the viewing: 

Unfortunately, the water area has less than half of the total area, but the rest is swallowed by the banks around. Only less than two hectares of fields are above it. price 60,800,000 CZK. The water is clean, but that's about it. I can imagine the land around as a bonus.

Well, we will keep searching...